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Tanker Rollover - The Point of No Return
Distracted Driving... What is Important to You?
Hazcom Compliance
Seven Minute Safety Trainer Video
Fire Prevention
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Hurricane Preparedness

The safety of you, your business, your employees, and their families is a top priority at Federated Insurance. Here is a sample checklist to assist with your efforts.


HR Question of the Month

Federated shares Enquiron's Question of the Month to demonstrate the type of questions and responses users of Federated Employment Practices Network (FEPN) have access to. A new question will be released each month.


Webinars and Articles 

Articles are available in three file formats. Select the link on the file format that best fits your needs. 

MonthWebinarsRisk Management CornerIt's Your Life
Slip and Fall Accidents
Word / PDF / JPG
Vision for the Next Generation
 Word / PDF / JPG
 Drive SAFER
Word / PDF / JPG
 Can You Live Without a Paycheck
Word / PDF / JPG
 Disaster Preparedness
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  Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
Word / PDF / JPG
 Elephant in the Room
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   Key Employees
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 Heat Stress
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   Leveraging Tax Bracket for Corporations
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Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace Program
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    What are You Leaving Your Kids
Word / PDF / JPG
 Cybersecurity and Small Business
Word / PDF / JPG 
     What can Annuities do for You?
Word / PDF / JPG
 Could There Be a Disaster in Your Future?
Word / PDF / JPG 
   Are Your Wishes Clear?
Word / PDF / JPG
 When Disaster Strikes
Word / PDF / JPG  
How Life Insurance Can and Should Fit
into Your Financial Plans   
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Fire Prevention (10/2018)
Seasonal Driving (11/2018)
The Ripple Effect (12/2018)