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Affinity Relationships

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A Mission We Were Formed to Fulfill

Federated has always been a state trade association promoter and marketer. We were founded for that very reason. Today, more than 70 percent of our total premiums are in some way connected to our state and national trade association and buying group recommendations.

Our association clients tell us that we have contributed to the success of the trade association movement nationwide. Their association members—and our clients—overwhelmingly support the products and services Federated offers. They like the idea of one company handling virtually all of their risk management needs…from the probability of illness…to the possibilities of fire or storm … to the certainty of death and succession of a business to the next generation.

It was natural that this success be expanded to include other, larger business groups. With that thought, we explored opportunities with national industry organizations and associations. Now more than 500 trade associations and industry organizations recommend one or more of Federated’s programs.

Association Risk Management Services

Regional account executives, national account executives, field managers, and a support staff work to ensure that trade associations continue to be a part of our next generation. See Find Your Association Account Executive.